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DigitalDrawer Capture

BY IN AscendoSoft Blog, AscendoSoft News On October 26, 2015

DigitalDrawer – Best Scanning & Indexing software for the price!

“The DigitalDrawer Capture feature that scans & imports multiple documents in one pass is what convinced me to buy DigitalDrawer.  On my small business budget, it is the best one around for the price and I spent significant time looking around the web.”

Epson ScannerI was recently talking with one of our new customers and he relayed this comment to me.  I was intrigued and decided that maybe we weren’t marketing the DigitalDrawer Capture feature enough; that it is more powerful than even we believe.  So that drove us to make a change and spread the word.

This customer is a small mortgage company in the Southeastern US, so price-to-value ratio was a key part of his decision.  Technical Support was also an important factor in his decision to buy a new solution.  He only considered on-premise software because of the personal data in the sensitive financial documents he manages.

The mortgage company recently converted to DigitalDrawer from a different document management software package.  Over the past few years, their previous vendor kept raising support costs while limiting communication options.  After doing extensive research, he decided to try DigitalDrawer.  The evaluation included overall functionality, but focused on the ability to load multiple loan documents in a single pass.  If you’ve recently bought a house or refinanced, you know how many documents you signed and are stored at a mortgage company.

After testing DigitalDrawer Capture, he determined that for the cost of DigitalDrawer, the Capture feature was head and shoulders above other products in the small business target market.  He was mostly impressed by the ability to easily index many documents a
t once, while copying index data to all the documents in a scan or import.

DigitalDrawer Capture scans and imports multiple documents at virtually the same time by utilizing the full speed and capacity of your in-house scanner to quickly and efficiently scan and index your documents.  The customer quickly converted his old documents to DigitalDrawer and is actively using it to store DigitalDrawer Capture Screenand manage his mortgage documents.  Check it out in action here.

Marketing lesson learned!  Be on the lookout for how your product’s features are perceived by your potential customers.  You may underestimate a “basic” feature that solves a critical issue and generates a sale.


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