DigitalDrawer for Charter Schools

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DigitalDrawer for Charter Schools

DigitalDrawer provides Charter Schools with an on-premise digital filing software solution that is secure, affordable, and full-featured.  With DigitalDrawer, you can quickly and easily store, organize, and find Student Records and HR files in a central location.  You can limit the number of paper file cabinets in your organization by using DigitalDrawer for Charter Schools.  Sample documents include:[/tmq_col][tmq_col size=”1″] [/tmq_row] [tmq_row][tmq_col size=”1″][/tmq_col][tmq_col size=”1″][/tmq_col][tmq_col size=”3″]Student Records

  • Transcripts
  • Attendance
  • Immunizations
  • Test Scores
  • Special Education
[/tmq_col][tmq_col size=”3″]HR Files

  • Annual Reviews
  • Benefits
  • Application
  • Job Description
  • Employment Contract
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Like other public schools, Charter Schools store a significant number of student records that must be retained for years. Without a product like DigitalDrawer, it can be very difficult to locate records when they are needed.  A paperless filing system  like DigitalDrawer lets you have these folders at your fingertips so you can quickly access and utilize the information.

Whether you are new or existing charter school, you can gain significant value from DigitalDrawer.  If you are getting ready to open up your charter school, start with digital file management before you start filing paper documents.  If your school is already established and you have documents in paper file cabinets, then scan your records at your pace and your document workflow will greatly improve.

DigitalDrawer allows your charter school to quickly scan all student records and HR files and store them in an easily-searchable, organized filing system. You can quickly respond to transcript or employment requests as well as instantly access permanent records. Even if you are required to retain paper documents, you can save significant time searching and managing records.

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One Charter School saves approximately $400/year with DigitalDrawer just by emailing transcripts instead of sending them by mail.  Of course, they also benefit from the many other features in DigitalDrawer.
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Sample School Customers:

Reagan Academy          El Camino Real Academy          Berkeley County Schools

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Key Features

  • Familiar Windows-based Folders for Students and Employee Files
  • Scan Directly or Drag & Drop Documents
  • Email and Print documents right from DigitalDrawer
  • Easily Find Documents using Keywords
  • Full-text Document Search
  • Redact, Highlight, Add Notes to Documents
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