DigitalDrawer Improves HIPAA Compliance

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DigitalDrawer – Electronic File Cabinet for Patient Records

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[br]Use DigitalDrawer, the leading healthcare electronic file cabinet solution, to manage patient records & improve HIPAA compliance.

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An on-premise electronic filing system, like DigitalDrawer, should improve office efficiency and help medical, dental, and other healthcare offices ensure they are compliant with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Compliance Features Within DigitalDrawer

  • Provides permission-based security to ensure complete patient data protection
  • Audit trail is available to track all user activity
  • Redact (hide) patient and associated names of relatives, friends, etc. from documents25% Discount for Facebook Users
  • AES 128-bit encryption used for document storage
  • File names are encrypted so someone cannot scan the file system to find files with patient names
  • Eliminates access to patient records from outside the DigitalDrawer system


With robust security features, DigitalDrawer helps you comply with HIPAA regulations. Built-in security allows you to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing patient records as well as improving the overall control of your documents.  You can also limit file actions (print, email, etc.) with DigitalDrawer’s robust permission-based security.  The Audit Trail feature lets you track all activity by user, so you can review various actions on patient records.  In addition, personal information in documents can be redacted (hidden) so unauthorized people are unable to see data, such as names, Social Security Number, address, phone, etc.

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[hr theme=”gray” style=”solid”]“We love the fact that our patient records are stored in DigitalDrawer and that the data stays on our premises.   We don’t trust our patient records in the cloud and this was an important factor during the evaluation process. The DigitalDrawer security features have helped us with HIPAA compliance.”

— Medical Office Administrator in the Southeast 

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[br]Improved Office Efficiency

Patient records, notes, charts, and billing records are typically stored in paper filing cabinets that are often wide-open to all personnel and can quickly fill up.  Office staff then store patient records at off-site storage or in other rooms previously used as working space.

An electronic filing system allows healthcare organizations and medical/dental offices to have any file they need right at their fingertips.  There is no need to store paper files in the office and the task of looking at a patient’s file becomes easy.  With DigitalDrawer you can:

  • quickly scan all of your patient records
  • label patient records so that you can easily find them later
  • reduce paper file cabinets
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