Document Imaging

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Scan your paper documents and store them in a digital filing system

DigitalDrawer is a full-featured document imaging and electronic file cabinet system from AscendoSoft that allows businesses to scan, secure, store, organize, and easily retrieve documents.  Targeted at small and medium-sized organizations, the DigitalDrawer software provides fast, security-controlled access to stored documents on your premises.  Concurrent user pricing keeps your costs down, while ensuring your organization can leverage a feature-rich document solution at a reasonable price.

As part of its cost-effective, on-premise document management system, DigitalDrawer provides significant document imaging features, such as document scanning and conversion of paper documents, automatic OCR processing, and extensive search capabilities.  This wide range of imaging capabilities allows businesses of all types to organize and manage files that are critical to their business operations. By using the DigitalDrawer system for document imaging and electronic file cabinet management you can ensure easy and secure access to documents, while eliminating paper file cabinets and saving storage space.


  • Scan documents directly into the DigitalDrawer system using any TWAIN-compliant scanner.  Scan single documents or use DigitalDrawer Capture to scan entire stacks of paper into tamper-proof images.  Capture utilizes the full speed of your scanner by scanning and indexing all documents at virtually the same time.  Capture makes the most time-consuming part of a document management project much less cumbersome by parsing large stacks of paper into smaller, logical documents with separator sheets.  Use point and click to quickly tag documents, index documents with keywords, and automatically complete indexes using database look-up.
  • As part of the paper document conversion process, DigitalDrawer automatically performs indexing of keywords and text, namely Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  The extensive OCR capabilities built into the DigitalDrawer software ensure that your electronic documents are accurately labeled for search.  OCR is performed in the background for both scanned documents and documents imported from the user’s computer, so ongoing work is not interrupted.
  • Full-featured search is available in DigitalDrawer enabling users to easily locate missing or hard-to-find documents right from their desk. Searches can be performed on keywords or on text within documents across multiple file cabinets.  With the click of a button, users can now find the documents in the system without wasting time hunting through cabinets.
  • Built-in document security ensures that business-critical images are safe and only accessible through the DigitalDrawer system.  Additionally, you can secure documents using separate file cabinets and only permitting specific users or groups of users to access those cabinets.  Drill-down further and control specific actions on your documents by limiting who can print, add, delete, annotate, email, etc.


By digitally imaging your paper documents using DigitalDrawer software, your business can ensure that critical documents are secured in an electronic file cabinet instead of out in the open office.  DigitalDrawer also makes the initial and most difficult part of a document imaging project significantly easier.  Leveraging familiar Windows-like folder structures, minimal training on the software is required to quickly gain benefit for your business.  With no limits on the number of file cabinets or the number of documents you can store in DigitalDrawer, you can be confident that your digital filing requirements will be satisfied for years to come.  There is also no limit on the number of users or number of computers that can access the DigitalDrawer system.

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