DigitalDrawer Improves HIPAA Compliance


Controls Within DigitalDrawer

  • Provides permission-based security to ensure complete patient data protection
  • Audit trail is available to track all user activity
  • Redact (hide) patient and associated names of relatives, friends, etc. from documents
  • AES 128-bit encryption used for document storage
  • File names are encrypted so someone cannot scan the file system to find files with patient names
  • Eliminates access to patient records from outside the DigitalDrawer system


By using DigitalDrawer to manage all of your patient records, your compliance with the HIPAA standards will be greatly improved.



HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was enacted in 1996 to help protect individuals’ personal health information (PHI). As it relates to electronic document management, the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule were put in place in 2003 to provide standards for safeguarding an individual’s PHI from unauthorized individuals.

 Due to the stringent rules set forth in HIPAA, a document management software system is becoming a necessity for healthcare providers to fully comply with HIPAA. Even so, the healthcare provider must be careful when choosing a document management software system. For the document management software system to assist with HIPAA compliance, controls must be in place to prevent unauthorized personnel and outside users from being able to access the patient records.