Real Estate

How DigitalDrawer Can Help Your Real Estate Office

In the real estate business, the number of documents used everyday is endless. Whether you’re buying, selling, or leasing, you undoubtedly have an ever-growing paper problem which is so hard to control. The challenge is to keep these documents close enough to be accessible when you need them, but office space is just too expensive to use as file storage. Add in the fact that most state real estate commissions require you to keep the original transaction files for seven years, and you have a problem.

DigitalDrawer can eliminate that problem. Since most real estate commissions allow you to throw away the original paper files as long as you have easily retrievable scanned copies of the files, DigitalDrawer will be your new file storage. Plus, DigitalDrawer provides you with the easiest and quickest means possible to scan your paper files.

Let’s face it, your paper problem will only get worse and you, along with everyone else, will one day be paperless. Why not get started today with DigitalDrawer?



      Organizing Documents

Key Features

  • Familiar Windows-based Folders
  • Easy Searches using Keywords
  • Scan Directly or Drag & Drop Documents
  • Full-text Document Search
  • Highlight, Add Notes, Redact Documents
  • Use with PDF, Word and Excel, JPEG, TIFF files


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