What Customers Are Saying About DigitalDrawer


“As a small business owner, I have to be very selective in choosing software which will work within our capital structure and workforce. DigitalDrawer is one of the best investments I have ever made. The implementation of the document handling solution DigitalDrawer has increased the productivity of the office staff unbelievably. The wasted time of researching things in file cabinets has been completely eliminated. The space saved from boxes and boxes of old paperwork is also a plus to my company. Having the online files, perfectly arranged, is something that still amazes me every day. I know that my company would never go back to the old paper in folder/filing cabinet system again. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this product is and more importantly, the service that the staff provides.”

“This is a first class operation selling a top notch product. I highly recommend it.”

— Tom Spedale
Spedale’s Florist, Inc.


“DigitalDrawer has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of our office. We have a large amount of file storage and DigitalDrawer allows us to locate a file quickly and easily without leaving our desk. The range of functionality provided by DigitalDrawer gives us the security we need yet allows us to do a variety of markups to the files, such as notes and highlights, without altering the original document and also allows us to print or email any file on the system to our clients and potential customers.”

— Wesley Crunkleton
Crunkleton & Associates


“DigitalDrawer has streamlined our accounting firm tremendously. We had our peer review in January of this year and instead of pulling out and carting around a bunch of bulky files for the auditor, I was able to burn all of the requested documentation to a CD and mail a disk for him to review a few weeks before he was even scheduled to show up. He commented that he had NEVER had that happen before in all of his years of being an auditor – and was amazed to see a firm our size (2 to 4 employees – depending on the time of the year) be so far ahead of similar sized firms. We had a great peer review and passed with flying colors – thanks in part to DigitalDrawer.”

— Jamie Davis
Jamie L. Davis, CPA


“We have been using DigitalDrawer for 3 years and this software is very user friendly. Several of our suggestions have been incorporated into updates, which has made a tremendous difference for our office! DigitalDrawer is a great time saver for our office staff. The software and support staff are wonderful to work with!”

— Carrie Shelton
GW Jones & Sons Real Estate


“We are very pleased with how easy the software is for our employees to learn and use. The service and support has been excellent, which is a difficult thing to say with so many companies being short-handed or being financially strapped for expansion in the customer service area.”

“We would buy this software again. In fact, I have recommended DigitalDrawer to our other departments, as well as other businesses considering adding document management to their day-to-day operations.”

— Frank Hoehn
Franklin County Commission


“The mission at Marvin’s Building Materials and Home Centers revolves around “making our customers lives easier”. As CIO at Marvin’s, my customers were the hometown folks who shopped in our stores, our vendor partners, and each and every associate working for the company. Making things easier for those associate customers was foremost on my mind when I started looking for a document imaging and electronic document filing system solution. We selected DigitalDrawer for it’s impressive range of function and ease of use. It is very intuitive and straightforward to configure and has flexible security settings to fine tune access to sensitive information as well as simple backup procedures for complete data security. I was able to quickly create multiple libraries with meaningful indexes to make searching a breeze and use a variety of marking tools such as highlights, notes, and redaction that can be hidden or displayed as needed even when printing and emailing. DigitalDrawer was popular with our associates because they could use it with very little training and were able to eliminate the hassle of their old labor intensive filing procedures. It wasn’t long before we started across all departmental areas.”

— Allison Hulcher
Marvin’s Building Materials and Home Centers


“We used the past month to run DigitalDrawer along with our current system to get any bugs out and also to see what processes we would need to change. It looks like it is going to be just the answer we were looking for. We go live on our new computer system Monday and obviously we are going to have our hands full with that change. At least we won’t have to fret over the move to Digital Drawer during that time. Thanks for all your help!”

— Bill Klein
Desoto Automall